Automatically Distribution of Probes?

Discussion created by christopher.harris on Apr 30, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2010 by cchapman
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I'm seriously challenged in my environment where I need to distribute various probes to 200 servers.

At a high level, I'm looking for an easy way to discover that a particular application is running on a given server, then distribute the set of probes that are appropriate for that application.

For instance, we have 8 email servers that are running 5 different email related applications. There is a many-to-many relationship between servers and the applications.

Here are some of my requirements:
1. CPU monitored same on all servers.

2. Memory monitored same on all servers.

3. Servers have different disks so all disks found need to monitored.

4. Email applications have different logs so logs need to be monitored appropriately on each server based on which email applications are installed.

5. More servers will be added in the future and when this occurs, I want the correct probes automatically distributed to the new servers so nothing is missed.

6. It's highly likely that I will make a change to one or more of the probes in the future. When I do so, I would like to make the change in one place and have it applied to all appropriate servers. Manually dragging and dropping the probes around leads to servers being missed.

What am I missing that will make my life easier?