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Discussion created by rgivens on Apr 2, 2009
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I'm looking to use the help configuration control.  I have a compiled html help file that I would like to link the help configuration control to.  I would like to link it to a specific section of the help file.  The problem I'm having is that I can get the help configuration control to open the help file is it's just the help file.  If I try to link it to a specific section in the help file it won't open. 

Here is what the Enterprise Console PDF states for the control:

This button can be used if you want to make a link to a section in an on-line help file or a URL.

Fill in the section name of the on-line help file or a URL name and click the OK button.

A section name in an on-line help file is specified on the form:

filename.chm::/section.htm (Note: No path).




The question I have is about the (Note: No patch) statement.  What does that mean?  If I don't give the control a path to the help file it's not going to be able to open it.  When I put the path in to the help file it opens it up.  If I try to append a section onto that so that it opens a specific section it won't work.

Any suggestions?  If I just use an ordinary text box and select the appear as url and then put in the path to the help file and section it opens up.  I guess that is a workaround to the issue but I was wondering why I couldn't get this Help configuration control to work.