Robot Version 3.12

Discussion created by DaveRick on Mar 31, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2009 by alessandro.dini

We recently updated our NimBUS production environment to version 3.60, including the robot updates.  After doing many of the required updates and also some additional installations, we noticed that the install placed a number of files into the drive root rather than into the NimBUS directory.  These files are related to the "Visual Studio 9.0" installation that happens when the robot is installed.  My question is can these be removed and why are they being installed into the root of the drive, rather than a sub-directory within NimBUS?

One thing to note is we do not use the standard "C:\Program Files\NimBUS" as it is our standard that the C drive is for the OS.  All application installs go to "E:\Applications\..." or "E:\Program Files\....".