probe creation with CodeWizard inquiry

Discussion created by rgivens on Feb 6, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2009 by sseeberg
I have a vbscript that I've added code from the CodeWizard to for alarm generation.  The documentation that comes with the CodeWizard seems to indicate that NimBUS Manager installs the pieces needed to appropriatley run the code in the script for appropriate alarm generation.   The script works fine if I run it from a machine with NimBUS Manager installed.  My inquiry is around is there a way to make the script run appropriately without having to insatll NimBUS Manager on a machine?  I would like to have the script run on a machine that has no NimBUS components on it other than the robot and some probes.  Is there a way to copy some dll's or other NimBUS files over to a machine to machine and have the vbscript run with the code from the CodeWizard in it and generate an alarm?

Thanks for the help.