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Maintenance Mode based on Hostname

Question asked by mwheeler on Jan 9, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2009 by sseeberg

Here's what we are going to try for putting Hosts in our own "Maintenance Mode"






Right Click a Host on a Dashboard. We will have two options. “Put in Maintenance Mode” and
 “Remove Maintenance Mode”  Each will run a Command that will run a script.
The “Remove Maintenance Mode”  will go to a SQL table in the user.db (that we create) and
see if the HOSTNAME is in the table or not. If yes, then it removes it.



The  “Put in Maintenance Mode” will check if it exists already. If it does not, then it adds a line
for that host based on the “Hostname” variable it passes.






In the NAS we will have a Pre-Processing rule that runs a script to query this table. If it finds that the
HOSTNAME for any incoming alarm exists in the table we would then exclude it
(although we can’t find that option so for now we are going to make it Invisible.)
All our Paging alarms will be set to page and email for Visible alarms only.






Future expansions on this will be adding a “Maintenance Until” Julian date field and using a
Scheduler script we’ll remove the Hosts from the table after the Julian date is exceeded thus
taking them out of “Maintenance Mode” after a Time Period. We’ll only do this on the hour.






We will have a Dashboard that will show us all current systems in “Maintenance Mode” and
possibly with Notes as to why they are in maintenance mode etc.