NimBUS 3.60 BETA / LDAP Integration

Discussion created by jim.taylor on Dec 23, 2008
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Just wondering if anyone has had time to pull down the NimBUS 3.60 BETA and try out LDAP integration yet. I'm pulling my hair out trying to make it work.

I've created a basic little VMware based test environment with a SQL 2005 server for the DB, a NimBUS server (running 3.60) and an AD Domain Controller. All are Windows Server 2003 R2 SP1. The domain controller is functioning perfectly - I've joined an XP VM to the domain, I've connected to (bound & browsed) the domain using ldp from the NimBUS server so I know it can connect - and I'm sure my settings are correct for the group container in the Hub Advanced Settings.. but all I get is an "Error: Communication Error" every time I hit test.

I've tried pointing it at the "built-in" Users container (CN=Users,DC=bogus,DC=domain) and I've tried making a new OU with users in it (OU=NimBUS,DC=bogus,DC=domain) and nothing works still. Screenshot of my settings attached, and for clarification / reinforcement of my configuration, the DC is configured as follows:

Domain: bogus.domain
Domain Controller: trinitron.bogus.domain
Pre-Windows 2000 Domain Name: BOGUS
IP address:

Thanks - and Merry Christmas :smileyhappy: