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Custom subsystems

Question asked by keith_k on Oct 22, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2010 by MattGruber
We have not been using the alarm subsystems so far, but Neal Timm's presentation at n-fluence has me thinking I would like to start using them.  I can see how they would be especially useful when using triggers and Lua scripts in the NAS, which I am doing quite a bit more right now.

I was just wondering what the best practices might be for defining custom subsystems.  I would obviously like to avoid conflicting with any future changes in NimBUS.  I see there is a top-level subsystem named Private, which I suppose is reserved such that NimBUS will not put anything underneath it.  I was going to create my own top-level subsystem, which I might still do, although I could just use Private if necessary.  However, I also wanted to create a Customer top-level subsystem (much like there is a Vendor one today).

If I create my own top-level subsystems, should I start them out with any particular ID to avoid potential future conflicts?  Any best practices in subsystem layout?