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Nimbus Service Delivery Portal GA ver 1.0

Question asked by jose_montero on Oct 9, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2009 by sseeberg

Hi All,

I have been running the CA version of SDP for quite some time now . I've just downloaded the latest GA release version 1.0 and installed it . I see no changes on some of the functionality . There is no options other than the Dashboard designer under Actions on the top menu ,  The documentation mentions the Account administration under Actions but is not there . How are we supposed to setup security ?? The templates for the dasboards under the dashboard designer are not there. The objects for dashboard components are pretty basic almost non-existent, it seems they had more stuff available on the enterprise console for designing dashboards. I am logged in under administrator on the SDP . Has anyone had the chance to install and use SDP yet that might be experiencing the same.
Thanks .

J. Montero