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Tunnel between 2 domains

Question asked by agentil on Sep 26, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2008 by agentil

We have 2 domains with 2 hubs. DomainA with hubA is tunnel client with DomainB / hubB.
There is a firewall between the 2 hubs and only port 48003 is open.
In the nimbus Manager logged on hubA with the "show all domains",  I can see in the domain tree:
Nimbus Domains
| ----> domainA ----> hubA
|                         ----> hubB
| ----> domainB ----> hubB

I would like to be able to forward all QOS and alarms from hub B to hub A.

The solution I found is:
- open port 48002 (hub) between hubA and hubB
- create a attatch queue with subject "*" in hubB
- create a get queue in hub A and use the address /domainA/hubB/hubbhostname/hub

This works great only I have to open 48002. Nothing in encrypted because the communication between the 2 hubs does not pass though  the tunnel.

If I use a get on /domainB/hubB/hubbhostname/hub I get a "illegal SID" message.

Is there some other solution ?