Net_Traffic Probe configuration for Teamed connections

Discussion created by DaveRick on May 1, 2008
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This is looking like something I will have to submit to support, but I wanted to do a quick check here to see if anyone has run into this.  We are currently trying to check the network traffic on one of our Vertias backup servers, however that server uses the HP configuration tool to setup a teamed connection between two 1Gps connections.

The probe installed fine, but when we go to define the connection is is saying that there are no adapters found.  We know the name of the connection is "HP Network Team #1" but the probe itself can not see this adapter.  The log shows that the DLL's are loaded correctly for the PCAP library functions and we have the probe running as a domain administrator. I am wondering if the fact that the connection is considered "virtual", is the reason for the failure to see the adapter.

Has anyone had this problem before?