Question regarding performance /bandwith using SSL tunnels..

Discussion created by jim.taylor on Jan 22, 2008
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Hi folks...

This isn't an actual technical "problem" - more a general enquiry to see how other folks who use SSL tunnels are getting on.

Back when I was running a pilot environment I just used static hubs and found that when doing Transfer Checks between hubs, I was easily able to hit pretty much the maximum possible bandwith for the switch. However now in our production environment, i'm using a medium strength tunnel (MEDIUM:!ADM) and on the same switches and infrastructure transfer rates have trickled right down to anywhere from 150KB/sec to 360KB/sec.

I guess what I want to know is, just how much data or how many hosts do I need to have on that hub sending a constant stream of QoS information before the connection is saturated? With 31 servers chatting at the moment, my data_engine is recording anything up to 3 messages a second.. not exactly a cause for concern YET, but when should I be concerned?