question about creating a report

Discussion created by rgivens on Dec 27, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2007 by nrtimm
I'm creating a report with the report_engine probe that shows information about our BlackBerry environment.  A couple of pieces of items I'm putting in the report are BlackBerry licenses Total and Used.  I use snmpget to pull this information into NimBUS.  My problem is how it is displayed in the report.  Lets say we have 500 BES licenses and we are using 450 of them.  When a user is activated a license is allocated and the amount of BES licenses we are using increments by one.  The graph for how many licenses we are using goes up but it shows an Average under the graph.  There shouldn't be any average.  This is an all or nothing type statistic.  If I'm using 451 licenses it should indicate that but instead it shows an average of 450.25.  Is there anyway to remove the Avergae and Stdev from the graph and just have it show the Total?