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Some SNMP ideas

Question asked by DaveRick on Jan 8, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2010 by florian.prillwitz

I'm looking to include the snmpget probe data into our dynamic server view for the dashboard.  The general setup I would like to use is the snmpget installed on one host and have it collect the information from servers we specify.  What I have noticed however is that variables($TARGETROBOT) don't seem to pass into the the arguments for the snmpget or possibly others as I haven't tested that.  The other option is to install this on each machine and have it use the $TARGETROBOT in the Robot Address field.


Has anyone used the snmpget for this type of function before?  We are replacing a tool(Solarwinds Orion) which currently collects information from the snmpget such as server location, etc.  We would like to allow for the same information to be displayed in the dashboards.

I will keep playing with this to see if I can find a solution.  If so I will post about what I find.



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