Dynamic SLA

Discussion created by DaveRick on Jan 8, 2008
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I was talking with our management here and the topic of SLA's came up.  We are looking at possibly adding in a large number of SLA metrics during the '08 year.  Looking at NimBUS I didn't see a way to do this(dynamic) and thought I would toss this out to see what others had to say.

Looking at the Service Level Agreements I thought of a possible solution which may or may not be possible.  We are currently looking at creating an SLA for many devices, both server and network related.  Would it be possible to create a dynamic SLA?  For example, I would create an SLA and call it AIX Servers.  Inside that SLA I would add an SLO, selecting the data I want to apply to this SLO.  However, rather than selecting a single machine and adding it in I could use regular expression to specify a group of servers.  When the SLA is calculated, it would simply look at all the servers which match that regular expression and apply it to that SLO object and SLA.

Any thoughts on this?  I could see this being a large time saver and really open up some nice functionality in the SLA system



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