"Robot ****** is inactive" message.

Discussion created by DaveRick on Nov 28, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2007 by justin.hannan

We have updated our _dynamic_view_server template to allow for an overall status alert based on the idea of using pings to show that a server is no longer active.  What we would like to do however is base this alert off of the already generated alert that the robot is inactive.  Our only problem at this point is the 30 minute delay from the time the robot is stopped, to when the alert is generated.  What we do not want to do is get into a situation where we have to manage a lot of ping alerts.

After reading the help files and doing some investigation into the probe configurations, we have been unable to locate where to change the timing for the alert.  Our goal is to have this alert generated after 5 minutes, not the 30 minutes it seems to be set to now.

Before going to support with the question I decided to see if anyone knew about this setting here.

Thanks in advance.


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