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Alarm propagation..

Question asked by jim.taylor on Sep 1, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2007 by justin.hannan

Seem to be running into a problem with my NimBUS test environment. I'd previously created a 3 tier dashboard, with all dashboard elements being embedded panels. After attending the admin training course I learned that this was not the reccommended way and that I should use dashboard links instead. I've recreated my dashboards using linked dashboards instead and embedded alarm items in the lowest level pages but the status does not seem to propagate upwards. So for example, I have an alarm up on the lowest level of the dashboards, but on the next level up the status has not propagated over and the alarm status for that dashboard still shows as green!

Any suggestions? Am I missing something obvious here? And yes, I have ticked the Propagate Alarm State tickbox! :smileyhappy:

Thanks in advance.