probe: ntperf on Windows 64bit OS

Discussion created by jbancroft on Sep 23, 2006
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- ntperf 1.23
- NimBUS 3.24.3
- Windows 2003 64bit SP1 
- ASP .NET 2.0.50727

Problem: When trying to configure ntperf profiles for any ASP object on a Windows 2003 64bit OS I get an error message (attachment: Log - Error msg1.bmp). The specific ASP object I'm trying to monitor is ASP.NET Apps v2.0.50727.  I can access and monitor other objects with no problems.  I only get the error message when accessing the ASP objects.  ASP is running in 32bit mode on the 64bit OS.  I can access these ASP counters on other Win2003 32bit systems properly, there are 16 64bit OS servers and all have the same symptoms (this includes test servers). I've tried addressing rights issues by setting the NimBUS watcher server to run as a local admin and domain admin (no help).  I've checked the registry permissions for these performace objects which look good. 

If anyone has a Windows 2003 64bit server with ASP .NET 2.0 and want to test this I would be very interested in the results.  Basically I go into the ntperf probe, click add, select the ASP.NET Apps v2.0.50727 object (which takes a long time then generates the error message in the attachment) - when it finally comes back it doesn't show any counters / instances.  Versus selecting a different object like "browser" which doesn't produce an error and I can see / select the different counters.

I'm still testing so I will re-post any additional information.