url_response - strange issues

Discussion created by keith_k on Feb 26, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2006 by keith_k
How has url_response been working out for others?  We have been using it on a limited basis but plan to add quite a bit to it.  We have had some issues in general, but lately we have one site (testing with both HTTP and HTTPS) that is giving us alarms on a regular basis.  The strange thing is that the alarms in the NimBUS Manager do not show as being updated by the probe every five minutes.  Usually the alarms show some kind of update every five minutes, either confirming the site is still down or telling us it is up.

Anyway, I am just curious if anyone is seeing anything similar.  This is one of those odd issues that is pretty hard to track down (only affects the one site, even though the site appears to be having no problems).  If others see the same thing, there might be a pattern.

So besides this specific issue, it seems like we see quite a few "site down" alarms that just clear five minutes later.  I know this is common on the Internet in general, but I am not sure if that really explains the frequency with which we get the alarms.  I know our NOC would love to see the volume cut down a little.  Has anyone else had any problems like this and maybe been able to do something about them?