report_engine scaling

Discussion created by keith_k on Feb 3, 2006
I am currently suffering with a struggling report_engine and am working on some changes to improve performance of our database.  While I know the changes we are discussing are going to make things better, I am trying to quantify how much better they will get and if we are likely to run into any of our current issues again as we add more devices to NimBUS.

I anyone out there with a big report footprint willing to chat with me about how they scale this aspect of NimBUS.  I am looking for some idea of the hardware being used and ways in which the architecture may be different from ours.

We have over 2000 reports right now, so my preference would be to talk to someone in that neighborhood or even bigger (since we plan to add a lot more).  If anyone has feedback to share, please feel free to post here initially for the benefit of all.  In the end, I may have some specific questions that we would want to take offline then.

Keith Kruepke