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We run our mail box servers on 2007. But we need to monitor RPC requests, copy and replay queue length. But the compatibility matrix says that these cannot be monitored on 2007 however an article says by making changes in the config file for the server entry, we could monitor them. It did work for a couple of servers and did not work for the remaining servers. Is the server OS version a matter here? Can someone help me out here.


<RPC Averaged Latency>
met_id = 3.1.13:17
active = yes
object = MSExchangeIS
counter = RPC Averaged Latency
alarm_required = yes
alarm_limit = 10
cmp_type = gt
group = Mailbox Role
qos = yes
description = Indicates the RPC latency, in ms, averaged for all operations in the last 1,024 packets.
short_unit = ms
long_unit = miliseconds
servers = 2007,2010
roles = mailbox
message_on_alarm =
message_on_clear =
</RPC Averaged Latency>


By adding 2007 in the servers entry and restarting did fix the issue however not on all servers.



- Ananda