Account Administration - Ownership Field

Discussion created by BobC on Apr 27, 2012
Latest reply on May 8, 2012 by BobC

I'm trying to associate an Account with the appropriate Hub, but the hub doesn' appear as an option in the Ownership area when I edit the Account.

Infrastructure Manager --> Security --> Acount Administration --> The Account I am working with --> Ownership field (which contains the names of all the Hubs listed with the exception of the one I am trying to associate.


I then compared that specific Hub with another that does appear in that field and the only difference I can spot is the Hub I am wanting to associate the account with does not have an entry for Topology_Agent in the Subscriber/Queues field.

Properties --> Status Tab --> Subscribers/Queues tab


Any ideas how to get that going? 

And I'm sure once that is done I'll have further questions, but first need to muddle through them myself.