Wasp probe and Nimsoft Mobil webapp

Discussion created by steven.benoit on Jul 1, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2011 by nuezra

I am trying to add the NimsoftMobileSDPWebService webapp to our lineup. I entered the text to the wasp.cfg as the documentation shows but when I restart the wasp probe it will not come back on. I can see the added service in the list of webapps in the wasp probe but thats it.


Here is the text that is in the documentation:



            reloadable = true

            cross_context = true



                             loglevel = 5



           load_on_startup = true

           path = /mobile

           doc_base = NimsoftMobileSDPWebService/WebContent

           disable_report_engine_requests = false

           report_refresh_interval = 5

           nas = /<Domain Name>/<Hub Name>/<Robot Name>/nas (I have my info in these fields)



When I restart the wasp probe and then open the wasp probe I get this message "Probe is not responding". Ive tried restarting the robot as well with no luck. I need help...