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Web dashboards in NAT'ed environment

Question asked by k.kornienko on May 30, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2008 by keith_k
Hello everybody!

Have anybody tried to make web dashboards to work behind NAT?
Under our circumstances there would be extremely difficult to setup a nimbus hub within a DMZ, so it can have external IP address on it's ethernet card.All that can be done is forwarding of all necessary ports from external IP to internal one (ports 80, 48000, 48002, 48004), so the scheme is following:

(main Nimbus hub) <=nimbus tunnel=>(web dashboards hub) <-Firewall with ports open-> external IP

But in such case web dashboard viewer either tries to communicate directly with internal IP of the nimbus hub, or, if it is not available, throws an error complaining about incorrect password for user under which I am trying to log in (password is correct and double checked, obviously).
Can anyone suggest what can be done in this situation?
Thanks in advance.