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ADE Syncing with master

Question asked by dgill_aspire on Jan 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2015 by dgill_aspire

With UIM 8.1 and above it is necessary to setup proper syncing between ADE probes. This is done by specifying a master on the slaves, but then rules must be configured on the master for the syncing to occur. The probe callbacks used to accomplish this are available here; however, it appears that the documentation hasn't been updated yet for 8.1 to indicate the proper method for syncing.


Based on the documentation, it almost appears that a rule must be created for every single package that should be synced which is rather cumbersome. Also, the command create_ade_forward_queue is not mentioned in the documentation, but it appears by the name to be the correct command needed; however, after having implemented it it doesn't seem to actually forward messages.


I'm looking to see if anyone has a better way than creating a single rule for every probe package.