Flap detecction on alerts that dont have 'valid' samples options

Discussion created by Shaun on Jan 6, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2014 by jason.eckelstafer

HI All


I'm a newbiw too nimsoft and have been tasked with a deployment in my company.


We have a mix of AS400 and Linux hosts.  All works well except that we occasionally get flooded with alerts since the probes do not have flap detection.



AS 400 - the systat probe is conofigured to alert when processing > 80%. Checks are performed every 60s. The sysstat probe has no option for samples so I cannot configure it to alert after say 5 valid samples.

Linux - the processes probe is configured to monitor certain java processes. There is an option to alert when the process is down. Checks are performed every 60s. We have a nightly cron that restarts the java process which takes a over a minute to start up. We then get alerted that the process is down and then clears in the next minute. There is no option for valid samples on the process being down.


Unless I am missing something, the only solution to this is using the auto operator with a rule to mark these messages as invisible, then a trigger to launch a script to count the number of alerts and then to send out a custom alert?? Is there another way of doing this?