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smldapsetup not responding

Question asked by Nalla on Mar 15, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2015 by Josh Perlmutter

Hi All,


I have installed siteminder policy server version 12.51.3 on RHEL server, Installation was pretty normal and successful.


I tried to configure policy store setup using smldapsetup reg command. But the command is not responding.


smldapsetup reg -d”LDAP User” -wMyPassword123


Not registered in sm.registry file.


Did anyone face this issue before ?


Can I directly edit the s.registry file to setup policy store and keystore ? How can I do that ?

Right now I donot have smconsole - Policy Server management console (Xwindow problem) that's why I tried smldapsetup to configure. But it failed.


Thank you