How to solve HornetQ message block (HQ214024) by setting it to paging mode. Jboss EAP 6.1

Discussion created by dolra01 Employee on Mar 15, 2015

Using OOTB clustering, when performing bulk operations you may get HornetQ to block accepting new transactions showing the following messages in the server.log

HQ214024: Destination is blocked. If the system is configured to block make sure you consume messages on this configuration.


Below is a sample Paging mode setting that help you overcome the immediate problem.

To set paging apply the following to each node of the cluster:

  1. Open JBOSS_HOME\Stanalone\configuration\standalone-full-ha.xml for editing.
  2. Locate the two entries for address for setting “#” (<address-setting match="#">)
  3. Set the entry to look as so (Note: changed are marked in bold captions):

<address-setting match="#">










  1. Save the file and restart both nodes in an orderly fashion.


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