Reverse engineering your Configuration (via SQL)

Discussion created by urmas on Mar 16, 2015
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Thanks to Dave's outstanding tip Documenting your Configuration (via SQL)


it is easy to document your configuration.


Say if somebody has been ahead of you and you need to know your configuration how to reverse engineer that.

Eg you get a list of custom attributes from the ODF_CA_ tables

Then you can run a query like


,CMN_OBJECT_VIEWS.view_type , label_pk_id, widget_type, extended_widget_type  From  ODF_VIEW_ATTRIBUTES , CMN_OBJECT_VIEWS  WHERE  CMN_OBJECT_VIEWS.id = ODF_VIEW_ATTRIBUTES.view_id

AND ODF_VIEW_ATTRIBUTES.attribute_code = '<the code of the attribute you are tracing>'


How do you relate



to something you can see in the GUI?????????????????


I don' mean using Dave's View query in the above thread as a query filed and putting the attribute code as a parameter. Then you would the get you see on the View/Page screen (or Subpage screen for edit views). I am after an easier method to get the view or portlet name and the object user recognizable name.


IS  ODF_OBJECTS the table where you would see the Id for the project object you see in the URL when you are in studio and in the project object pages?