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Profile Browser vs. File > New (x)

Question asked by Corb on Mar 16, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2015 by Chi_Chen

QUESTION:  When using the profile browser, there are many different ways to create a new ticket; what is the most efficient method for creating a ticket using the profile browser versus using the file menu?


So there are current discussions underway on the best approach to performing data entry for tickets.


(Help Desk)

  1. They do quick hits all day long - they stay on the profile browser screen and use search in the upper right corner all the time to lookup a contact.
  2. Once the contact is displayed on the Profile Browser they use the scratchpad to jot down a few things and then click "Create"
  3. On the ticket data entry screen the "Affected End User" is populated but the requestor is blank and that is the designated the first field in the screen.
  4. They will have to tab twice to get over to the Area field to continue

(Level 2-3 Analysts)

  1. Meanwhile, the technicians use File > Create new Incident
  2. First field on the data entry screen is "Requestor".
  3. They type in this information and tab once to "Affected end user" (It pre-populates)
  4. They tab to the Area field


Now the DELMA -  The Help Desk wants to swap the "Affected End User" and "Requestor" on the form and change the tab order to minimize key strokes

My argument is to leave it Out Of The Box, but I have no evidence to show them the most efficient method for creating a ticket using the profile browser.