CA Security Tuesday Tip: (Privileged Identity Manager): Steps to follow if you unable to assign a policy from the ENTM UI

Discussion created by musmo02 Employee on Mar 17, 2015

CA (Privileged Indentity Manager) Tuesday Tip by Mohammed Mustansir, Sr. Support Engineer for 3/17/2015


  1. Compare the policy signatures on both the endpoint and DMS using the following 'selang' commands: AC>sr policy("Test policy loc group#01") useprops(EXTENDED_SIGNATURE)
  2. Recalculate the signature on the DMS__ and DH__ if a difference is found: AC>chres POLICY("Test policy loc group#01") finalize noexit
  3. Unassign policy in ENTM UI tab Policy Management Assignment -> UnAssign Policy


Note: To connect to the DMS__ and DH__ through the command line, please use the following 'selang' commands from the Enterpriser Management server

AC>host DMS__@

AC>host DH__@