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IdentityMinder Environment - SUN to CA Corporate directory migration

Question asked by erictse2 on Mar 17, 2015
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I am wondering if we can preserve our IdentityMinder Environment


we are migrating coporate directory from SUNONE to CA (like to like).


I was thinking after the new CA coporate directory is created

I need to recreate a new IME (IdentityMInder Environment) {new diectroy.xml for CA directory}

And import environment_roles.xml and environment_settings.xml (not environment.xml)

And then test and debug


I was also wondering if the siteminder, report server would be preserved?

I would like to seek for a formal approval/ verification/ refutation of my proposed approach (If this is the right way to do it)

Or if there are simpiler /better/ cleaner ways to do it?


Also I would like to seek for some knowledge base articles to discuss about IME (Identity Manager) migration, when we do SUN to CA coporate directory migration like to like? I would like to follow some established steps for migration if possible.

Thank you very much