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siteminder policy store migration - SUN to CA directory migration

Question asked by erictse2 on Mar 17, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2015 by erictse2

I am planning to do siteminder policy/key store migration.

We are moving from SUNONE directory to CA directory.


I was thinking of using XPS tools to do this.

But I read the article ...…


suggest we can directly migrate the siteminder policy data from SUN to CA bypassing siteminder XPS.


SO I am wondering which is a better way (Pros and cons)? (Initially I thought XPS is easier)

If I am using XPS ways.. I have the import the schema, FSS schema, default data objects etc... but seems that I do not have to manipulate the ldif  data and schema by myself.


If you guys have established knowledge based article talking about XPS migration, it would be ncie as well?


Please advise?


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