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SPS configuration for Web Services

Question asked by anand3g on Mar 17, 2015
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I'm sure I'm missing something. Hoping someone could point me to the error.


I have my SPS configured and enabled authentication and authorization web service. First question.


- Just having the SPS installed and auth az enabled, is that all we need to do to expose the REST and SOAP API? Or is there additional apps that I need to develop and deploy somewhere?


I have the app enabled in server.conf.


I've added a virtual host in the server.conf and pointed it to the webservicesagent/WebAgent.conf. From the logs, i can see that the web services initialized successfully. I can see the web agent initialized successfully.


I've created a test agent and tied that in the ACO. and I protected /authaz context with a x.509 authentication scheme.


When I try to get to the WSDL, i get a 500 server error. The only error I see is in the agenttrace.log, it enters the virtual host, and then throws a 500 error. Doesn't give me any other information.