new version of XOG utility

Discussion created by ddeneer on Mar 18, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2015 by Aurora_Gaimon

Today I published version 3.21 of the Clarity XOG plugin.

The plugin is part of the xml editor XMLSpear.


In our organization we are using the tool for converting Excel or CSV input files to multiple XOG xml file. This can be helpful if you have to update or insert a lot data (reorganizations, building test environments).

The tool has the functionality to transform files and to xog the results.


The new versions has a lot of improvements like:

  • Excel input (formerly versions only could handle csv input)
  • Better error feedback
  • A nice progress monitor screen when xogging multiple files
  • A function to get all status results from a directory which contains XOG output files.


You can use it for free. I love to hear your feedback.





Dick Deneer