Sold/spun-off part of our CA PPM user base - need to purge project/resource data

Discussion created by Dale_Stockman Champion on Mar 19, 2015
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Ok - TRW, as part of its acquisition by ZF, is spinning off a couple product groups - groups that use Clarity.


Two issues:


- how to create data set for each of these groups, containing only their data, that can be imported into their own instance of Clarity?

- how to purge their data from our instance of Clarity, including removal of their resources/users?


We are on 13.1 with plans to upgrade to 15.1 this summer.


Financial Plans and Time Entry are involved.  Historically, have always run into issues preventing deletion of projects, resources from the system (can't delete Fin Plan of record, project can't be deleted as it has assignments, can't delete time periods as projects/data we want to keep are still using the same time periods, no UI means to delete resources/users, etc.).


Don't need a complete answer, as I imagine it could get quite detailed - just want to know if anyone has faced this, yet.  If yes, did you come up with a satisfactory solution?  May want to talk in more detail if answer is "yes" to both questions.


Perhaps just overwrite project, resource and user names with Z's ?  I know we can xog objects out - delete content from xml files, xog remainder in to new instance - BLOB data though what to do?