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gobtn_role.htmpl Modifications

Question asked by ManishaP on Mar 20, 2015
Latest reply on May 5, 2015 by A.Toellner

Hi Team,


In CA SD we have an option to search for incident/requests/change tickets etc, which is in the top right corner of the page.(PFA screenshot).

The problem I'm facing here is, whenever I enter a ticket id I can't determine if its request or incident ticket. So, for this I have to select "incident" or "request" from the

object type selection drop-down box. I want to modify the drop down option and combine Incident & Request as a single option. Can sum1 suggest me to do this?

Also, can someone let me know how to change the ticket id series for Request & Incident(like Incident starts from Ixxxxx and Request from Rxxxx). I have tried sequence number option but it doesn't help.