GA Announcement – CA Clarity PPM 14.2 Documentation

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On behalf of the CA Clarity™ PPM Information Services team at CA Technologies, we are pleased to announce that the technical information products (bookshelves) for the new CA Clarity™ PPM Release 14.2 are available. The product documentation has been updated to incorporate release changes, has been improved based on customer feedback, and helps you find information faster.


Important! The bookshelves will not be updated after this release. Find the latest CA Clarity PPM product documentation on  The CA Clarity PPM DocOps Platform will be available soon. Look out for an announcement!


  • VersionOne Documentation. You can find the VersionOne integration documentation in the Installation Guide.
  • Advanced Reporting. A new CA Clarity PPM page, CA PPM Advanced Reporting and Database Schema Index, is added to CA Support Online. The link for the page is located under Popular Links on the CA PPM Product Page.

  This page contains links for technical information about CA Clarity PPM, Data Warehouse, Jaspersoft, and PMO Accelerator. To see the page, click the following link: 

CA PPM Advanced Reporting and Database Schema Index.

Note: You must be logged in to see the information that the links present.

The new page contains the following documentation links:

    • CA Clarity PPM Database Schema

Note: In the previous releases, this information was included in the Technical Reference Guide. Now a link to the support site has been included where the information was previously.

    • Data Warehouse Database Schema
    • Data Warehouse ERD Diagram
    • PMO Accelerator for Jaspersoft Advanced Reporting
    • Advanced Reporting Domain Field Descriptions
    • PMO Accelerator Overview Guides
  • Studio Developer Guide. The last step for creating a custom object was updated to reflect your ability to edit the default menu link to the list page. Previous documentation suggested only that you create a new menu link to the custom object list page. A sample screen image was added to demonstrate the appearance of chart portlet data that is grouped by column or function.
    • Prerequisites for content packages were updated to include the required Document Management System (DMS). As an administrator, install and configure the DMS before using content package JAR files in Studio.
  • Financial Management User Guide. The equations and descriptions in the Financial Metrics Used for Planning topic were reviewed and improved.
  • Resource Management User Guide. The calculation for the default allocation percentage has been improved. Although it does not directly change the steps to perform staffing tasks, resource managers can benefit from more accurate results. See Resource Average Allocation Percentage in this guide
  • Access Rights Reference Guide. To help improve how you find content, all access rights are now only documented in the Access Rights Reference Guide.

Here is a direct link to the CA Clarity PPM 14.2 On Premise bookshelf: