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custom look-up field issue on Activity Log page

Question asked by vchinni on Mar 23, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2015 by Michael Mueller

Our requirement for Level1 Analyst role is to enter a Work Type on New Labor activity form as well as to be able to edit the Work Type on the existing Labor activity form.


To satisfy the above requirement, I created a new Activity Type "Labor" as similar to "Log Comment". Then created a customized menu item "Labor" under ticket "Activities" menu and clicking on "Labor" item brings up the same New Activity Form (detail_alg.htmpl form) along with a customized look-up field "Work Type". The "Work Type" field (zWork_Type) in alg is SREL to custom table zWork_Type.

I have added few conditions in detail_alg.htmpl form for Level1 Analyst role to be able to save or edit the new Work Type field on Labor activity form. It works as expected on New Activity form but when the analyst tries to edit the Labor form for modifying the existing Work Type field, the following error "Invalid attribute name: 'zWork_Type' provided for Work Type lookup" is seen on the top of the form and also the 'search as you type' functionality in Work Type look-up field is broken. If anyone had a similar requirement or has achieved this on Activity form then please advise on how to get this working.