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IDMS on z/VM - about to go End-Of-Life

Question asked by jhorsfall on Mar 24, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2015 by Fishman

Hi All


Anyone out there other than ourselves using IDMS on z/VM? If so, have you heard CA are going to pull the plug on it?


We have been quietly using IDMS on z/VM since 1991 - and quietly waiting for IDMS 18.5 on z/VM for the last two years. Now they say 18.5 is never going to come. Presumably they want to shift all their resources to the "Agile" incremental release program for IDMS 19 for z/OS. Bet it won't be long before z/VSE bites the dust also. 


Find it hard to believe all the z/OS users really want releases of IDMS every few months - this is not some freeware **** we just play with - it runs our businesses. But someone in CA is willing to dump loyal customers for this. Is this some misguided attempt to reverse CA's declining market share? Before the decade is out CA will have been broken up and sold off.