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Survey Emails to inactive contacts

Question asked by sudip.bhowmik on Mar 24, 2015
Latest reply on May 5, 2015 by sudip.bhowmik

CA Service Desk Manager r12.9


It's been a while but I got something and I thought I should reach out to the forum and get some feedback...


I got a Group (say Gr1) which has 3 memebers User1, User2 and User3


Deactivated User3.. but did not detach from the Group.


Created a Survey.


Created an Incident where Gr1 is affected end user.


Closed the Incident and what do I see in the acitivty log: Survey sent to all the users.


i tested this on r12.9 OOTB and CUm1 both.


do you see this happening in your environment too? is this a big or functinality?