IDM, Jboss EAP 6.2, and IIS with Jakarta ISAPI

Discussion created by mr.david.dixon on Mar 26, 2015
Latest reply on May 29, 2015 by Alan Baugher

We are building an IDM cluster on JBoss EAP 6.2, utilizing IIS as a reverse proxy via the Jakarta ISAPI plugin.  One issue we uncovered was that during startup of the JBoss servers jakarta would prematurely send web requests to jboss before the server had finished starting, resulting in a jboss 404 error.  I contacted red hat support and they provided me with the following flag to place in the standalone.bat startup options.  I believe it is only available in jboss eap 6.2+, but it seems to have worked, and now the service seems to behave in a much more user friendly manner.  Since there is no mod_cluster option for IIS web servers, and we aren't thrilled about installing tomcat along side our existing IIS infrastructure, this was our best option.  Hope it helps someone.