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Setting Origins centrally verses at the profile

Question asked by cooja09 Employee on Mar 26, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2015 by cooja09

One of the top requested IDEAS for UIM Server is the "Ability to set Origin at the Profile level".  Specifically the request is:

In environments with multiple customers, origin is the preferred way to tag robots belonging to to each customer.  However, some robots often perform remote monitoring for multiple customers with probes like *_response, net_connect, and more. Being able to configure different origin for each "profile" in these probes would be a very logical, intuitive and smart way to solve this. 


My question to you all is this.  If we provided a centralized ability to manage Origins, how far would that you get you?  Say we provided a 3 pronged approach to manage this meta-data centrally; An API to set, clear, override, the origin value for a device or component (ie: interface), the ability to import the origin for inventory items (devices and components), and the ability to edit via USM.  In essence this would enable the data in the DB to be modeled the way you want, but it would not be coming from the probes themselves.  This means if you have automation scripts picking the data off the bus, prior to getting into the DB, you would not have the profile specific Origin, only the controller Origin as you have today.  Let me know your bigger picture workflows and why it would or would not work for you.