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what are the different ways to properly force disconnect / stop an agent?

Question asked by Fred.K on Mar 26, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2015 by Fred.K

Use case: an agent generates way too many metrics (e.g. unique SQL). What are the possibility to stop the agent from floading the cluster?


1. we do not want to reduce the clamp on the collector(s) and impact all agents

2- there can be many agents on the same remote host ~ so ipfilter on ip is not practical.

3- the cluster has 2 MoMs and 10 collectors

4- managers are v9.7.1

5- agents are v9.7 v9.5 v8.2


The v9.7 agent is now cluster aware and thus can jump from one collector to the other without checking with the MoM.


+ What are the different possibilities to stop the agent "now" from sending its metrics?

<the person who has access does not have the skill to analyse the root cause>


+ same question but ways to set the MoM / Collectors from refusing the agent metrics?


For Florian will the ACC manage that in the v9.8 release.