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SiteMinder Web Agent protecting Virtual Applications on IIS7.5

Question asked by amitshinde on Mar 27, 2015
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Hi All,


Need your valuable thoughts on the SM Web Agent protecting the virtual applications in IIS7.5. In the Siteminder bookshelf, it is not clear or mentioned in the configuration guide, on to configure Siteminder Web agent to protect the virtual applications under Default Web Site. Currently I am able to protect the websites which are under Default Web Site and the websites/pages within the Virtual Directory. But NOT able to protect the virtual application which is under Default Web Site.


On the Web server I am able to create and apply SiteMinder to the DefaultWebSite (and everything contained within), and any custom Sites that I create. Along with the multiple sites and virtual directory in the environment, there are also handful of applications that live underneath DefaultWebSite and only some of which we desire SiteMinder protection.

In IIS7.5, this does not seem to work. I follow the specific details in the installation manual and it seems like it is protecting the sites and virtual directories having multiple web pages but having a challenge to protect virtual applications.

My questions as follows:

1. How to configure SM Web Agent in IIS 7.5 to protect the virtual applications?

2. In IIS 7.5 we have Sites > Default Web Sites > site1, site2, virtual directory1, virtual directory2, virtual app1,virtual app2...

Consider Default Web Site (which also an application by itself) as LEVEL 1 and anything underneath LEVEL 2. After running the SM Web Agent Configuration Wizard, the ISAPI Filters, Handlers, Modules dll files get created at LEVEL1. But what if I want to protect virtual applications at LEVEL 2 such as virtual app1,virtual app2? Can I manually configure ISAPI filters, Handlers, Modules for it? If yes, then do I need to remove the dll files from the Default Web Site (LEVEL 1)?

3. While running the SM Web Agent Configuration Wizard, we only view the Sites > Default Web Sites and its equivalent level, but don't see the LEVEL 2 such as virtual applications, sites where we can select have a granular option where to deploy/create SM Web Agent DLL files. So if CA recommends not to add the DLL files manually and use configuration wizard, then can we expect to have a view of the entire sites hierarchy present in the IIS7.5 while executing the Web Agent Configuration Wizard?


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