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ACWP Calculations - pre-requisites

Question asked by ShruthiSrinidhi on Mar 28, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2015 by ShruthiSrinidhi

Hi All,


We use limited features of financial module in Clarity.

We have entities, locations and a rate matrix defined.


We submit timesheets in Clarity. And we hope to see ACWP in task assignments to reflect proper values once we run Post Timesheets job.

Could you please guide me on what other settings/fields need to be considered for this to happen?


- Should I fill in Location details for the Project?

- Should Resource Financial Properties be filled?

- Should Earned Value periods be defined?

- % Complete calculation method for now is Manual. Would this matter?

- As of Date field is blank. Is this ok?

- Are there other things to be set up?


Any input would greatly help.