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How I can use the topics in Jaspersoft

Question asked by GeorgSchmid2014 on Mar 30, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2015 by NamitaMish

Hi all,


When creating an ad hoc report, it is possible in the Data Chooser wizard to save the configuration of the fields, pre-filters and display as a topic in the 4th step.

When opening the Data Chooser again, it should be possible to see the topic in first page - at least if using the same user who created the topic before. Unfortunately, I cannot see any topic.


Checking with superuser, I can see the domain in the organization's Ad Hoc Components - Topics folder. In the permissions, I can see that the ROLE_USER and also the user who created the topic has the Read + Write + Delete right on the resource.

What could be an explanation is that the ROLE_USER and all other users have no right on the Topics directory. But even after assigning this right to the ROLE_USER, the directory did not get visible.


Therefore, I have really no clue why the user cannot see anything.


Any ideas?