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Need help to understand Powerpacks

Question asked by pvpalval on Mar 31, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2015 by Hiko_Davis

We have to monitor all the Fuse Services(Version 6.0) and the customer wants only the Blame Point Tracers for all important services.


Currently we have written PBD to monitor all the important classes and methods. But we are not sure if all the important services are covered or not because many of them doesn’t reflect. So going forward we need a Powerpack which can make our job more easy.


I heard that Powerpack is not available for Fuse Services though Field Pack is available. So here are my doubts regarding the same.


1.   1. Could you please let me know the difference between the two Powerpack and Fieldpack?

2.   2. When and where will that be available?

3.   3. Would the Field Pack be sufficient for our requirement?

4.   4. Can we get a trial version of the same to see if it accomplishes our requirements?

5.   5. Also would like to know how to configure these packs with CA Introscope, the procedure for the same.


One more doubt I have is, the other team here have used Powerpack for Weblogic to monitor SOA Performance. Can the same powerpack be used to monitor Fuse Services for SOA Performance? Or are there different powerpacks for each Application Server?


My Account Manager is ready to consult CA for Powerpack though he needs all the background regarding the same and also let us know whom should he consult for the same.