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Dynamic Dependent lookup with Browse only Option

Question asked by mansriva on Mar 31, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2015 by samos2


I have a page on which i wan to select the project from one lookup and task from another dynamic dependent multivalued lookup.

Only tasks which are not milestones, not phase, and belongs to the project selected in first lookup.

for the task selction teh lookup should not show those tasks which are already selected.


SELECT @SELECT:task.prid:TaskID@,



@SELECT:to_char(task.prstart, 'MM/DD/YY'):StartDate@,

@SELECT:to_char(task.prfinish, 'MM/DD/YY'):EndDate@,

@SELECT:DECODE (task.prstatus, '0', 'Not Started', '1', 'Started', '2', 'Completed'):Status@,

@SELECT:PRJ_GET_TASK_FULL_NAME_FCT(task.prid, task.prprojectid):task_path@


prtask task

WHERE task.prismilestone = 0

and task.pristask=1 and


and (@where:param:user_def:integer:Project_Id@ = task.prprojectid OR @where:param:user_def:integer:Project_Id@ IS NULL)


And (task.prid not in(select mul.value from ODF_MULTI_VALUED_LOOKUPS mul,odf_ca_z_subsidytest ***

where mul.attribute = 'z_task' and mul.pk_id=***.id

and @where:param:user_def:string:Association_id@ = ***.code))



I am able to perform all of these except the tasks does not appear on the create, edit page after save, they disapear...I am able to see them on teh list view though.