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Queries regarding SOA Performance Dashboard

Question asked by Joydip.raha on Mar 31, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2015 by Joydip.raha

Hello friends & experts,


I am using CA APM 9.6 and trying to understand the SOA Performance Dashboards . I am getting an "Unsupported Widget" message while trying to look into SOA Performance - Most Critical Operations & Most Dependent Operations dashboard in Webview. But the same dashboards are working fine & all the widgets are visible in Workstation->Console. I have tested it in firefox v 36.0.4, Chrome Version 41.0.2272.101 m, Internet Explorer 11 initially and was assuming it as a browser issue, but finally got to know from APM Release note that some widgets are not supported in webview.

I was also looking at the dashboard in Management Module Editor and tried to see the data sources, but couldn't find any "Data Option" after right clicking on the graphs. Apparently it seemed that there are Graphs & String Viewer in the dashboards, but from the management module it seems they are somehow put together in a non-separable way and not editable except from re-sizing & moving positions of the whole widget.

In the CA APM community I found somebody referred these are not conventional graphs rather typeviews (, but haven't found much info on that in any of the documents. Kindly share some insight if anybody has further information on that.

I have a couple of queries regarding this:


  1. Is there any fix/fieldpack available in order to view those unsupported widgets in webview?
  2. What type of widgets are getting used in these dashboards and how can I edit them?
  3. What are the data sources for Avg Response Time, Responses Per Interval & Errors Per Interval deviation graph in the mentioned dashboards and how the deviation metrics are getting calculated in the graphs ?