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EEM Failover - How does it work ?

Question asked by andy.erskine on Apr 1, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2016 by hargo01

I have configured EEM failover by installing EEM on one server.

On another server i have installed EEM

i have configured failover using the clustersetup cmd and all looks good in the logs


I have registered some apps using safex on the primary and added a user - these both appear in the secondary.


So onto testing - i stopped the igateway and dxserver services on the primary then went to log into the secondary.


The apps were no longer in the drop down and and on trying to log in globally i got the following message :


EE_AUTHFAILED Authentication Failed
ISE_BACKENDDOWN backend is down


Is this FAD ? seems to be pointless having a backup if so - the wiki i followed doesn't describe how failover works.


One point of note we are waiting for LDAP creds so currently there is no LDAP configured currently - would this be a factor ?